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Nigella pods are oval in shape and have a deep purple-burgundy color. A lacy web of fuzzy, dill-like green vines surrounds each stem, which has many pods. Nigella sativa adds a unique textured element to rustic-themed centerpieces.

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Buy Nigella Pods in Canada

Nigella is a classic cottage garden plant that is easy to grow and produces attractive seed heads.
What is the best way to dry Nigella pods?
Harvest the seed pods while the stripes are still visible and hang them upside down in a dry, dark, and airy location to dry. To keep the seeds contained, put them in a paper bag. Is it possible to grow my own nigella seeds?
Nigella, sometimes known as Love-in-a-mist, is a famous British chef.

A nigella that thrives in your environment and grows tall is a rare find! Its seed should be saved…. You can harvest for seed at any moment after a huge pod has grown, as seed will continue to mature inside the pod after cut.*Although nigella can be started in pots in March/April and transplanted after the first frost. In April, Uncle Fink used to prefer direct seeding into the soil. Unlike other annuals, the plants can grow closer together. Is it okay for me to eat nigella seeds from my garden?
The seeds can be used whole or ground, and they can be toasted or eaten raw. The seeds have a bitter flavor that has been described as a mix of oregano, pepper, and onion. nigella seeds can be used in sauces and curries, as a pepper substitute, on salads and vegetables, and in stir fry.Is it possible to transplant nigella?
Nigella does not like to be moved, thus seeds should be put directly in the ground. Seeds can be planted in early spring, throughout the summer, and even in the fall in milder climes, where they will overwinter successfully.

Nigella Pods

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